Humble beginnings.


“We all have a beginning”

I give thanks to the special friends that have shaped who I am today. Without them, I truly would not have had the courage to get my work out. The gentle shoves in the right direction to encourage me. The cheerleading chats have all transpired into making Clarey Jo.

Robert and Sharon Ereaux , for the design behind the name. Without their help I would be no further along in making this become a reality. Its been in the thinking process for years and now its  a scary exciting dream. A reality.

The strength in God. He has shown me that my life is to be in colour  and not in darkness.  To brave the World and spread the colours he created.

My husband, the patience living with a messy artist! The paint stains on the furniture while in full creative mode, the spontaneous flying metal particles sailing through the air or the seed beads that don’t wish to be tamed.

The pets that operate in sharing me in-between crafting or painting. The dog under my feet (pretty handy foot warmer) The fluffy ginger cat/ part time kitten, sat on top of the table daring to fool me into believing he is fast asleep.  The tabby purring on the sofa. Pets are inspirational.

And when all else fails and I  struggle to harvest a painting, drawing, jewellery, I can rely upon my 8yr old son to bring out the inner child in me.

So yup here it is in all its glory a blog sharing all my crafty makes and blabbering nonsense of total random topics.

☆ Clarey Jo